Northridge Electric Website Design

The Northridge Electric website design showcases the company’s substantial list of services and project portfolio. Doohickey stepped in to create an informative website that implemented clean design to match the text.

Northridge Electric has provided commercial and industrial electrical services in central New Mexico for more than 30 years. Their extraordinary personal service and safety-based culture define their tradition for quality. As one of the largest electrical contractors in central New Mexico, Northridge Electric offers a range of services to their customers. Doohickey wanted to convey Northridge Electric’s goal to ensure safety and efficiency with each service throughout the site.

Using the color scheme we developed in their logo, we built a website that highlights the core values of the company as well as their extensive portfolio. The Northridge Electric website design was part of a larger branding initiative that included their logo, business cards, flyers, hard hats, and truck graphic designs.

We implemented splashes of Northridge Electric’s green within the text to draw eyes towards specific pieces of information. We also included photography that models Northridge Electric’s respectable culture and commitment to their clients. As a result, the website design breaks apart the text to keep visitors engaged as they learn more.


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