Lancelot's Castles brochure design

Lancelot’s Castles Brochure Design

Bury your toes in the sand or take a dive into the Atlantic’s cool waters. Whether customers are looking for a coastal property or want to lease their own, living on the First Coast is an experience that should be shared and enjoyed by all. In the Lancelot’s Castles brochure design, Doohickey sought to capture the lure of First Coast living while reflecting the company’s professional practices.

Lancelot’s Castles specializes in providing a unique leasing and property management experience to their customers. They accomplish this by combining the essence of a relaxed beach lifestyle with the unmatched enthusiasm of finding or leasing the perfect property in Northeast Florida.

Even in this digital world we live in, brochures are still an extremely effective way to locally distribute information. Like the website we designed for Lancelot’s Castles, the brochures needed to provide a comprehensive view of the services Lancelot’s Castles offers while showcasing the beautiful beach lifestyle their business provides.

The Lancelot’s Castles brochure design uses cool colors that reflect sandy beaches and ocean waves. We also implemented stunning photography to compel customers into seeing the community’s beach homes for themselves. The content is broken into segments, using bold headlines as needed to capture the reader’s attention while allowing information to flow from one panel to the next. In addition to showcasing the company’s services, we also gave them a taste for the Lancelot’s Castles culture and professional standing.

Doohickey developed Lancelot’s Castles brochure design as part of a larger branding initiative that included the design of a logo, business cards, stationery, website, and social media advertising.

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