CalAtlantic flyer design

CalAtlantic Flyer Design

CalAtlantic Homes’ Jacksonville division offers properties for picture-perfect sun rises, access to the First Coast’s many cultural landmarks, and eventful evenings enjoying the beach air. Of course, employees deserve to savor an afternoon, too. When CalAtlantic Homes requested a flyer to remind employees of an upcoming meeting and social event, Doohickey knew the design needed to reflect the company’s style and personality. The CalAtlantic flyer design combines elements of the company’s professionalism and their vibrant community to aim the design towards their employees.

Within the CalAtlantic flyer design, we used imagery from the community where the meeting would take place. The photography shows off the community’s elegance while hinting at the fun ahead. Since the meeting includes a presentation followed by games and socializing, we wanted the two moods to remain cohesive throughout the design. By setting the photography at the center of the flyer, employees could visualize the evening ahead. The event details were placed at the bottom of the flyer against a white background, bringing the elements together as a whole in a clean, attractive design.

CalAtlantic Homes is one of the largest homebuilders in the nation. Their commitment to customer service goes beyond finding the right home, to designing it as well. They seek to help customers create their ideal homes with personal touches and help from knowledgeable experts. As a result, homeowners apply the latest styles and trends, so a house becomes their ideal home.

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