Get Volts® Logo Design Albuquerque New Mexico

Get Volts® Logo Design

Get Volts® is an electric service provider that can take on many electrical tasks on a national level. The Get Volts® Logo Design creates an energetic brand with a font choice that conveys movement and characteristics of electricity.

When designing the logo, we tested all sorts of different ways to incorporate electric symbols into the logo. The Get Volts® Logo Design includes the thunderbolt within the negative space of the “VOLTS” title. The kerning on the text was reduced to have the letters combine into each other to form larger solid shapes and carve out the gap for the lighting symbol. The logo also uses subtle notches to convey forward motion as if the text is dashing forward with electricity!

Type hierarchy was important in this composition to keep the logo from being too wide. “Get” uses a thinner font compared to the bold modified text for “Volts”, creating a well rounded composition that is easy to apply in more situations. The Get Volts® Logo Design creates a modern logo for a strong, reliable brand that reflects the energy and electricity provided by the company.

Below are some alternate logo designs we made. We also worked on the Get Volts® Website Design. View the full website at

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