Get Volts® Website Design

Get Volts® is an electric service provider that can take on many electrical tasks on a national level. The Get Volts® Website Design creates a dynamic experience that guides the user through the company’s services in a modern, sharp visual style.

When creating a design for an electrical company, it’s important that the style conveys energy and efficiency through its visuals. The Get Volts® brand already uses its signature green to communicate this vibrant brand identity, so the natural next step was to add to their energetic personality. The website was designed with a thunderbolt in mind, using slanted shapes that go back and forth like the electricity the company provides. Accompanying photos for blocks of text also use slanted inner sections containing the images that stay inline with the diagonal style.

Organization of the jobs provided have been streamlined under “Services” and the three types of job scales “Residential, Commercial, and Industrial”. These sections often overlap each other which is why it is helpful for the user to be able to take different routes depending on what they’re searching for. This lets user navigation be easy and simple. The Get Volts® Website Design delivers a wealth of information on the company with a unique approach to organization and a shockingly good visual style.

View the full design at We’ve also made the Get Volts® Logo Design.

Get Volts Website Design Albuquerque New Mexico

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