Environmental Law Network Website Design

ELN is an environmental law firm network that operates on a nationwide scale with international connections. The Environmental Law Network Website Design creates a formal, modern website with design elements inspired by Earth and nature.

For this website design, the goal was to create an environmentally rich style with a lot of earthy tones to reflect nature. Vibrant greens and muted warm colors make up the majority of the website’s color palette. This combined with the textures of nature create a welcoming atmosphere reminiscent of a walk in the woods. It also serves as a visual representation of the company’s goals to preserve a healthy nature setting and protect it under laws and regulations supervised by their lawyers.

More formal design choices were combined with this nature style to bring the two subjects of firm networking and environmental laws together. A bold serif font system was chosen for the main headings which is often associated with law settings. Lawyer and firm descriptions are abundant on the site to verify the professionalism provided by the network’s services, as well as plenty of resources to learn more about their mission. The Environmental Law Network Website Design succeeds in creating a professional webspace for a law network specifically catered to matters concerning the environment.

View the full website design at elnonline.com. We have also worked on projects such as the Eco Friendly Furniture Brochure Design and the Eco Friendly Furniture Business Card Design.

Environmental Law Network Website Design Cleveland Ohio
Environmental Law Network Website Design Cleveland Ohio

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