STACK’M Storage Website Design

STACK’M Storage is a company that specializes in storing, repairing, and delivering boat trailers. The STACK’M Storage Website Design makes it easy and efficient to schedule pickups and deliveries for owners of boat trailers.

The STACK’M Storage website has been made with convenience in mind to ensure customers can find what they’re looking for as quickly as possible. The home landing page creates a dynamic animation as a STACK’M Storage truck rolls on-screen to deliver a trailer to the featured home. As an added bonus, the truck continues to move as the user scrolls down the page, creating a sense of forward motion and progress. The imagery of boats and warehouses mixed with the refreshing blue colors keep with the theme of the site’s primary objective to transport and protect boat trailers.

From the very moment a user opens the site, they instantly have the options to schedule pickup or deliveries and register their trailer for storage. From the navigation bar, visitors can either apply for free standard pickup or delivery to their home or boating location of their choice! Signing up for boat trailer storage lets the user choose a variety of options custom to their preferences. Each size option comes with its own scaled illustration to easily identify which model they need to be stored. From there they will be able to select a delivery method and specific times that best suit them.

In addition to the Stack’m Storage Website, we also worked on the STACK’M Storage Logo Design.

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