Goode Audio Video Automation Website Design

Goode Audio Video Automation are experts in improving home lifestyles with professional home theater installations. The Goode Audio Video Automation Website Design showcases several sound system and home theater projects through a sleek layered design. This was achieved with overlapping shapes and unique shape dividers on each section.

Motion is used in subtle ways to enhance the visuals of the Goode Audio Video Automation Website Design. This sense of movement to the site helps with the purpose Goode AVA wants to accomplish, providing clients with beautiful displays in their own homes. The design uses a lot of overlapping shapes and shades of color to give the site a sleek visual flow. Brighter shades of blue illuminate the bottom of dark sections. This emulates the sense of subtle lighting coming off a TV monitor and helps guide the view going down the page. The dark gradient background also allows for a lot of contrast such as in the products section. Goode AVA’s featured products are all able to stand out from the dark background with their lighter grays and shading which allows them to really pop out for the audience.

Goode AVA takes pride in their preparation by inspecting homes and anticipating unique challenges. The website showcases this with images of home theaters designed uniquely for individual home designs. About Us and its subsections go into detail about real world examples in their portfolio as well as dynamically stacked testimonials animating onto the dark background.

View the full website at We have also worked on video projects such as the Bid Desk Analytics Project Team Video.

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