Bid Desk Analytics Project Team Video

At Doohickey, we work with clients such as Bid Desk Analytics to create stylish motion graphic videos. The Bid Desk Analytics Project Team Video not only educates the viewer on Bid Desk’s many services, but visually stimulates them with smooth animations to create a sense of excitement and intrigue.

The Bid Desk Analytics Project Team Video serves as a brief introduction to the services provided on their services page. Several documents and desktop forms are displayed in close detail with the accompanying narration explaining several ways Bid Desk can further enhance opportunities for success. The video showcases how these services will be able to create customized workflows for your team as well as using Bid Desk’s product management expertise.

To create an easy sense of flow throughout the video, the documents move in very deliberate movements to create quick transitions between each other and slow panning shots to get an up-close look at the vital information. Vector graphics further emphasize this movement in the video by guiding the viewer’s eyes up an increasing graph of success which is provided with the support of Bid Desk’s many services.

In addition, we also worked on the Bid Desk Analytics Data Platform Video.


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