Bid Desk Analytics Data Platform Video

In the Bid Desk Analytics Data Platform Video, Bid Desk shows its potential clients that they can have difficult to access competitive intelligence at their fingertips. Purchasing information from city, county, state government, K12, and higher education is organized in an efficient manner.

This video walkthrough for Bid Desk Analytics provides a throughout breakdown of each element provided by the service. Upcoming bid pipelines are neatly organized by expiration date as to further optimize opportunities for success. The data platform also displays manufacturers and vendors that are organized to show which provide the greatest opportunities based on your specific needs and requirements. To focus the viewer’s eye on what is currently being discussed, the important area is highlighted with a bold rectangular box colored in the brand’s unique shade of blue. Through this video, potential users can gain an insight into how this detailed marketing tool will be able to give them the competitive edge by going deep into provided information. The video ends with a call to action for viewer to reach out for an even more in-depth explanation of specific points of interest, creating a stronger incentive to collaborate with Bid Desk Analytics.

In addition, we also worked on the Bid Desk Analytics Project Team Video.


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