Stepping Stones Website Design

At Stepping Stones, parents are guaranteed a quality educational environment for their children where they can grow and develop with fun activities! For the Stepping Stones Website Design, the goal was to establish a style that would appeal to parents with bright bubbly colors and an energetic illustration style throughout the site.

Stepping Stones Development Centers have staff that are proud of the work they accomplish with their kids. Real imagery of instructors and smiling students was crucial to display in large sections of the site and make sure the uplifting message came across immediately. For ease of access, the home page opens with displays of each Stepping Stones location as well as activities students will get to participate in. The activities use unique illustrations for each category, which is perfect for a family education company for showing playfulness and creativity. The Stepping Stones Website Design is full of useful resources like these to help the visitor get in touch with the program and center most convenient for them.

This site is integrated with eCommerce to allow for online enrollment payments and tuition payments directly from the website. This creates a more multipurpose site that doesn’t need to rely on external navigation which can negatively impact lead scores and SEO. The Stepping Stones Website manages to contain a wealth of information on the services and locations offered without being overwhelming. Its easy-to-use design appeals to parents of young children as it showcases the benefits for their child’s growth and the fun they will have interacting with members of the Stepping Stones family.

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