HHHunt Homes Quarterpath Coffee And Donuts Flyer Design

HHHunt Homes Quarterpath Coffee and Donuts Flyer Design

The HHHunt Homes Quarterpath Coffee and Donuts Flyer Design creates a simple yet welcoming flyer inviting neighbors for the event!

This design was meant to create a warm, inviting message to new residents and neighbors of HHHunt Homes. The photography shows a unique blend of colors popping from the refreshing orange background accompanied with many appetizing donuts and coffee. The composition of the imagery makes for a clear hierarchy of information as the lower half of the photo is left blank for the important text elements. The main attraction headline “You donut want to miss out!” adds a lot of character to the event as the hand drawn feel of the text makes it feel fun and informal as well as adding some fun wordplay into the event. The background orange is very vibrant which compliments the lesser saturated food items, giving a cohesive color balance to the overall image. The background color also helps white text to pop out from the image and be easily legible without the use of drop shadows or overlays.

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