ImageStoreHouse logo design

ImageStoreHouse Logo

For the ImageStoreHouse logo, Doohickey’s goal was to combine imagery that reflected the company’s cutting-edge, electronic document management services with an appealing, vibrant color scheme. To accomplish this goal, we created an overlapping stack of documents that fade into pixels, conveying the company’s document imaging services. The pixels represent the document storage technologies as the stack of documents are “scanned” onto the server. Then, we used a blue and green color scheme to reflect a paperless, going green mindset. The resulting logo is a successful marriage of eye-catching, vibrant colors with a visual representation of ImageStoreHouse’s service offerings.

A company logo is an important aspect of any brand initiative. As a visual representation of the company, a logo captures the service, industry, and culture of any business. With this in mind, Doohickey sought to design a logo that would represent ImageStoreHouse while visually standing apart from other competitors in the industry.

ImageStoreHouse offers document management using state-of-the-art document imaging and storage technologies. Their Internet retrieval services allow customers to access customized indexing and retrieval software for online document management. Their complete management, workflow, and imaging services provide customers with the power to index, view, print, or electronically send their stored files for easy access. The ImageStoreHouse logo demonstrates their digital storage services and powerful, cutting-edge technologies in a clean, attention-grabbing design. ImageStoreHouse is located in Jacksonville, FL.

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