apogee technology partners logo design

Apogee Logo Design

Doohickey created the Apogee Technology Partners logo design to create an engaging visual that would capture the company’s brand.

Apogee Technology Partners is a technology consulting firm that focuses on the emergency management and healthcare markets. They partnered with Doohickey for a logo that would convey their brand identity in a clean design. As a cutting-edge technology firm, we knew their logo needed to be both striking and modern. We began with the stacked text and a simple sans serif font. Then, we designed the icon, which serves as the face of the brand.

In addition to the Apogee Technology Partners logo design, we also designed a set of business cards. We reflected that same combination of striking and modern elements to illustrate the Apogee culture throughout their brand.

A woman-owned technology consulting firm, Apogee Technology Partners is dedicated to partnering with clients to solve complex business problems. They have offices in Florida and Maryland. While their primary focus is the emergency management and healthcare, their proven methods and cutting-edge technology give them an advantage over their competitors. Their services include software engineering and design, as well as program and project management.


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