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What is an Inbound Marketing Strategy?

An effective inbound marketing strategy attracts customers through vehicles such as blogging, videos, eBooks, newsletters, Search Engine Optimization, and social media to lead them through a purchasing funnel. In contrast, outbound marketing methods include cold-calling, direct mail, radio, TV, printed flyers, and traditional print advertising. Inbound marketing refers to marketing strategies that bring visitors to your business or website without you having to get the attention of prospects yourself.

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Inbound Marketing – Marketing’s Latest Buzzword

There was a time when companies created websites as online brochures, just a way to give potential customers a little info about the company and the rest was done on the phone, in person, or through print advertising and postcards, etc. Just getting the customer to visit the website took some sort of direct contact initiated from the seller. This isn’t the case anymore with an Inbound Marketing strategy!

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