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Inspired Living All Day Dining Poster Design

Inspired Living has several signature programs for residents to enrich their living experience. The Inspired Living All Day Dining Poster Design uses a unique graphic to easily communicate their convenient dining services.

To illustrate the concept of all day dining, the main focal point of the poster contains a clock divided down the middle. This division in the clock applies to the rest of the poster as most of the elements are balanced in the symmetrical design. The food on the left has some overlap with the half clock on the right creating a dynamic, layered visual. The wooden table background fits the theme of a dining table while also adding a subtle texture to the whole poster.

The key information is distributed into three main sections. All the text is center aligned and evenly spaced from the edges of the page. To help organize the sections and give a sense of hierarchy, we included a blue shape that blends on top of the wood texture and is under the dinnerware. This level of layering between vector and photo elements is what gives the Inspired Living All Day Dining Poster Design a professional quality that doesn’t feel constrained or boxed in.

We have also worked on several poster designs for Inspired Living such as Inspired Destinations Poster Design and the Inspired Living Thrive Poster Design.

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