CSI Direct Mail Campaign Postcard Design Jacksonville Florida

CSI Direct Mail Campaign Postcard Design

Communications Solutions Inc. provides multiple services for businesses in need of telecommunication installations. As part of CSI’s printed advertising campaign, we designed unique postcards for each core service they advertise. The CSI Direct Mail Campaign Postcard Design showcases the company’s services in colorful, distinct layouts reflecting the brand’s style.

To make the four postcards stand out from each other, a different layout design was used to add more visual variety and detail to the postcard set. Audio Visual Solutions and Hosted IP Phones make great use of the full page layout to include cutout images and special offers floating alongside the text. Each postcard takes a unique approach to styling special offers and survey requests; sometimes with solid blocks, and sometimes with outlined boxes showing the background behind them. The postcards get a lot of milage in color from CSI’s two shades of red and blue. The CSI Direct Mail Campaign Postcard Design uses a spectrum of these colors to make several mixes of overlays and solid colors. They were mainly inspired by the visuals of the website so that when visitors visit the site after receiving a postcard, it will create a stronger sense of brand awareness.

In addition to this design, we also worked on the CSI General Contractors Postcard Design.

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