CSI General Contractors Postcard Design

CSI General Contractors Postcard Design

Communications Solutions Inc. is a company that specializes in offering a great variety of services to businesses that need low voltage communication systems. The CSI General Contractors Postcard Design uses design elements from their website to create a strong and organized graphic style to advertise their services.

The front of the postcard creates a mini timeline connecting the foundation of their client’s business to CSI’s network additions. Subtle grey blueprints are put inside of a unique angled shape that point towards an example of what CSI is capable of installing. This creates a sense of motion to the postcard as the shape points to the right and guides the eye as if it were a swiping motion in similar CSI animations.

On the back side, CSI showcases its core services and a call to action to partner with them on future low voltage projects. Custom vector icons were used in the “Our Services” list to break up each larger service and each sub service with easy-to-read visuals. This section uses an abstract connecting pattern similar to the one seen on the header of their official website. The CSI General Contractors Postcard Design succeeds in sending an informative offer to businesses through powerful modern graphic design.

In addition, we also made the Communications Solutions Inc. Website Design. View the full website at csijax.com. We have also worked on the CSI Direct Mail Campaign Postcard Design.

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