Inspired Living Brochure Design Bradenton Florida

Inspired Living Brochure Design

When searching for an assisted-living home to take care of loved ones, it’s important to be rest assured that they will be in good hands. Inspired Living provides their residents with many amenities in a welcoming environment that will be able to exceed in all their senior care needs. The Inspired Living Brochure Design strives to make this impression by using a warm tone and imagery from the facilities to make potential residents feel welcomed by the multiple homes across the country.

Two thirds of the interior take advantage of the format to show a wide-scale view of various parts of the inspired living communities. As an example, Lakewood Ranch showcases their large outdoor pool area which will be especially inviting for the weather in Florida. Fourteen variations of the Inspired Living Brochure Design were created to accommodate for each of Inspired Livings locations. Several amenities are listed on the right interior of the brochure. These are neatly divided into alternating gray bars, giving an insight into many of the activities residents can partake in.

In addition to this design, we have also worked on the Inspired Living Resident Handbook Design, Inspired Living Inspired Destinations Poster Design, Inspired Living Thrive Poster Design and more!

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