Inspired Living Resident Handbook Design Tampa Florida

Inspired Living Resident Handbook Design

It is important that when entrusting the care of loved ones to a new home that they are properly welcomed and introduced to the new amenities provided for them. Materials for this purpose should create a comforting atmosphere and create a warm and inviting introduction. The Inspired Living Resident Handbook Design presents itself as a gentle welcome for new residents to display a clean, well-kept home which will attend to their needs.

With the Inspired Living Resident Handbook Design, we set out to create a clean, modern design that would give the impression of a tidy, organized environment that gives peace of mind and clarity. We used imagery that represents the cleanly, modern aesthetics of the Inspired Living homes with organized interiors and calming house plants. The typography chosen with the serif fonts as the header serves to add to the warm, inviting message of the handbook, making it feel almost like a hand-written letter for the residents and their families. A primarily white color palette allows for easy integration of the text on top of the images, making for a layout that combines type and photography seamlessly.

In addition to this design, we have also worked on the Inspired Living Thrive Poster Design, Inspired Living Inspired Destinations Poster Design, Inspired Living Brochure Design and more!

Inspired Living Resident Handbook Design Tampa Florida
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