myQRad Website Development

Whether by phone or on a desktop, companies need their products and services to be easily accessible. That way, customers can find exactly what they’re searching for, exactly when they need it. For the myQRad website development, Doohickey created a website focused on usability and online experience. As a result, customers can find exactly what they need without flipping through multiple site pages.

Located in Jacksonville Beach, FL, the company builds custom QR codes, which allow users to easily share a message, promotion, photos, videos, website, or social links with the simple scan of a code. Meanwhile, companies can track their QR codes’ progress with analytics.

The website design focuses on the user experience. As a result, visitors can learn about services, sign up for a plan, and watch video tutorials. The site also uses icons to create an easy yet compelling experience. By using a single page design, the site flows from one piece of information to the next.

The myQRad website development was accompanied by a business card design.


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