Sometimes, a simplistic design packs a more impactful punch. With this in mind, Doohickey designed the myQRad business card design to make the most of the card’s minimal space. With a large QR code taking up most of the card, customers can’t help feel curious. Instead of packing the cards with information, Doohickey decided to appeal to this curiosity in order to entice customers to use the QR code and visit the company website. This technique actually proves the company’s service works and is a great way to show off the user experience.

The resulting business card sparks interest while creatively taking advantage of a business card’s small space.

myQRad, located in Jacksonville Beach, FL, builds custom QR codes that allow users to easily share a message, promotion, photos, videos, website, or social links with the simple scan of a code, all the while tracking progress with analytics. myQRad partnered with Doohickey to design a set of business cards. We knew there would be no better time to utilize a QR code on a business card. The central QR codes featured on both sides of the business cards link straight to their website. The myQRad business card design was accompanied by a website design.