Performance Contact Group Business Card Design

Business cards aren’t just for relaying contact information; they can also reveal key details about a company, too. A clean design speaks to professionalism, while textures, imagery, and color scheme communicates industry and services. The Performance Contact Group business card design utilizes the company’s color scheme and logo to create an appealing visual effect. The azure blue is matched with white to create fluid imagery on both sides of the card. Reflecting the logo on the back also imprints the design into customers’ minds.

Performance Contact Group assists call centers to help them maximize performance and improve sales. Their multi-medium contact strategy utilizes internet, phone, email, and text leads to create closing opportunities for their clients. PCG’s training provides assessment, hiring, scripting, team building, phone and sale skill services, so that teams are equipped with the abilities they need to accomplish their goals.

Before creating the Performance Contact Group business card design, Doohickey designed the company’s logo. The business card design employed the logo as the focal point, then reflected the color scheme using the logo’s azure blue.