Sterling Crest logo design

Sterling Crest Logo Design

For the Sterling Crest logo design, Doohickey brainstormed various elements that would symbolize the community’s name. We chose a font nostalgic of a quill pen’s script atop an old-fashioned letter seal. As a result, the logo conveys a rustic, luxurious message, which reflects the Sterling Crest picturesque, luxury homes.

Variations of the Sterling Crest logo design included coat of arms imagery, instead of the letter seal. We also used alterations of the font, including a classic cursive script. The final version of the logo favored a clean design, to avoid distracting flourishes.

Sterling Crest is an HHHunt Homes community in Wake Forest, NC. The area offers easy access to various retail and recreational locations. Nature enthusiasts can enjoy many outdoor activities, including biking, fishing, hiking, and swimming. The Sterling Crest flyer design is just one of numerous projects Doohickey has completed for HHHunt Homes. In addition, we’ve also completed a flyer, website, and billboard design.

Below are some of the alternate logos we designed

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