The Employment Front logo design

The Employment Front Logo Design

A creative logo communicates different components of a company’s culture and mission. The imagery in a logo design embodies a company’s brand, so customers can recognize key components of the company’s identity in the image. For The Employment Front logo design, Doohickey aimed to create a compelling visual that captures the company’s tone.

Variations of this logo included thinner fonts, a blue and gray color scheme, as well as visual plays on “TEF.” The final result chose a bright, attractive color scheme, a bold font, and imagery at the center of the logo. As a result, The Employment Front logo design stands as a symbol of the empowerment and achievement TEF aims to provide their clients.

The Employment Front offers workplace solutions to help companies create high-performing work environments for their employees. A woman-owned small business, The Employment Front specializes in human resource and management consulting to enhance employer-employee relationships. Their goal is to provide clients with the training, consulting, and coaching to effectively manage their teams. To illustrate their relationship-based services, we included the icon at the center of the logo to take place of the “o” in “Front.”

In addition to designing The Employment Front logo, Doohickey also developed the company’s website. We’ve also worked on logo designs such as the Envirotone Logo Design and the Sterling Crest Logo Design.

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