LLW Ad Design

Lewis, Longman & Walker partnered with Doohickey to design a series of print and digital ads. The goal of these ads was to highlight their innovative legal solutions that work for everyone. The LLW ad design series incorporated the company logo and slogan on each of the materials, tying the designs together using core elements of their brand. As a result, these ads communicate LLW’s primary message using different creative techniques. 

LLW is a nationally ranked law firm with offices in Jacksonville, Tallahassee, Tampa Bay, and West Palm Beach, Florida. Specializing in Environmental, Land Use and Governmental Law, LLW is committed to providing individuals, businesses, and governments, with superior solutions to difficult legal challenges.

These LLW ad designs are part of a larger campaign that includes both numerous flyers and invitations. The invitation designs were inspired by themed events throughout the year. The graphics remained lively and enticing, to encourage guests to participate in the events. For the flyer designs, we used visual storytelling and the company’s color scheme to create informative yet engaging imagery.