LLW Invitation Designs

With a creative design, invitations can capture the essence of an event while ramping up excitement. Lewis Longman & Walker, P.A. requested a variety of invitation designs for the themed events they hosted throughout the year. Each invitation allowed us to stretch different creative styles, developing each invitation into a unique representation of the event’s theme. As a result, Doohickey created the LLW invitation designs to be a fun, compelling series to reflect the anticipation for LLW’s events.

The events ranged from rooftop celebrations and wine tastings to welcome receptions and luncheons. Each event set the tone for the designs, whether sparking interest for an exciting social event or communicating class and prestige. Using the LLW logo within the design, we were able to unite the numerous invitations with a single, familiar element.

LLW is a nationally ranked law firm with offices in Jacksonville, Tallahassee, Tampa Bay, and West Palm Beach, Florida. Specializing in Environmental, Land Use and Governmental Law, LLW is committed to providing individuals, businesses, and governments with superior solutions to difficult legal challenges.

This selection of the LLW invitation designs is part of a larger campaign that includes both numerous ads and flyers.

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