Studio eMMe logo design

Studio EMME Logo Design

Capturing the spirit and character of a company in a logo that also reflects a company’s day-to-day atmosphere can inspire a few different concepts during brainstorming. For the Studio eMMe logo design, Doohickey’s mission was to create a logo spurred by the salon itself.

As their staff and client base grew, Studio eMMe wanted a refreshed logo that would reflect the atmosphere at their studio. For an industry that’s constantly changing based on style trends, we needed to create a logo that would be timeless, yet striking. The Studio eMMe logo design is an example of beauty in simplicity. Within this design, we separated the company name so “eMMe” would be immediately captivating. To create a sense of balance, we added a texture to the right side of the logo; a texture that would later be used in the studio’s website design.

Studio eMMe is located in Jacksonville, FL. Their dedication to style and service is matched by the individual attention they give their clients. As an exclusive Bumble and bumble salon, their staff also has unique product knowledge and store offerings. Studio eMMe’s services include breakthrough, professional techniques from Bb. As a result, the salon is able to expand with industry trends and the needs of their clients.

In addition to designing the Studio eMMe logo, Doohickey also developed the salon’s website. We’ve also worked on logo designs such as the Atmospheres Logo Design.

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