Atmospheres Logo Design

Atmospheres Logo Design

Doohickey created the Atmospheres logo design to reflect the company’s dining and diving environment while adding a creative, personal touch.

Atmospheres wanted their logo to emulate the unique dining experience they offer. They also requested their logo include an octopus and a harpoon as part of the visual. With that initial description in mind, we began designing a selection of logos for Atmospheres to choose from.

First, we created a set of vector logos using Illustrator, only to realize there was something missing. The designs were entirely too perfect, so we decided to pull inspiration from old world maps and nautical tattoos. We removed the designs from the computer and redrew them by hand. As a result, the designs reflected that rustic, nautical feel we were looking for. 

We also chose a font that would reflect the natural flow of water, then accented the logo with water bubbles for a subtle yet notable effect.

After Atmospheres chose the design, we selected a rusty orange and a deep sea blue to colorize their logo. The end result reflects the business’ unique dining and diving experience while the imagery creates a marine-life feel. We’ve also made logo designs such as the Studio EMME Logo Design.


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