TheraPlan Website Design

TheraPlan is an EMR designed for therapists to better keep track of patient information and scheduling appointments. The TheraPlan Website Design uses fluid, colorful web design to showcase their EMR’s easy-to-access features.

The website uses the color blue to symbolize clarity and focus. This style of web design uses floating elements in clear space to add to the sense of clarity. The optimized layout for the website reflects the TheraPlan platform which was designed to be efficient for administrative offices. Screenshots of the application are decorated with abstract shapes to add to the sense of floating in air.

In addition, we’ve included various devices at different angles to show real examples of the app in practice. To give some contrast to larger sections with light backgrounds, we’ve included photos provided by the client as section backgrounds. These use a darker overlay to make the white text stand out. Along with these images, the website provides users with all the information they could need with client testimonials, video of the founder, and sections dedicated to each of the app’s features.

View the full TheraPlan Website Design here. We have also worked on the Crockett Sportfishing Website Design and the Forever Lighting Website Design.

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