Gauge Saver Website Design

Gauge Saver LCD Restoration is a company that specializes in repairing gauges on boats, utility vehicles, gas pumps and more. The Gauge Saver Website Design uses impressive side-by-sides to show how professional the restoration service really is.

Overall, the website uses a very aquatic theme to line up with the boat style of the logo. While they cover a lot of vehicle gauges, their primary audience is boat owners. This also ties in with the lifesaver part of their name and the lifesaver illustration. Their mission is to rescue and restore gauges that can have one of several things happen to them. This is demonstrated in a unique slider widget that shows before and after shots of their projects. Scrolling between the damaged and restored shots is incredibly intuitive with a hover function that moves the slider as soon as the mouse touches it.

The site is also very good about getting the customers exactly what they need in terms of models and types of restoration. Everything from the gallery to the FAQ section does a great job in answer most questions visitors would need to know. Service and Restoration features dozens of unique models all categorized by brand; making it easy to find the repair that meets your specification.

View the full Gauge Saver Website Design here. We have also worked on the Know and Grow Learning Depot Website Design and the Crockett Sportfishing Website Design.

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