Gauge Saver Logo Design

Gauge Saver Logo Design

Gauge Saver LCD Restoration is a company that specializes in repairing gauges on boats, utility vehicles, gas pumps and more. The Gauge Saver Logo Design creates a dynamic logo that is based on the target audience’s needs and vehicles.

The lifesaver was a key visual in all parts of the design process. It carries a strong double meaning as it fits with the “Saver” title as well as most of their clients being boat owners. A lot of damage can effect marine equipment like sun damage, cracks, and fading screens. Gauge Saver is able to save clients’ devices as well as their money. Our final design also uses a heart rate monitor visual with the zigzag line to show how they can restore devices back to life!

The typography was also carefully chosen to fit the brand’s personality and quality. The strong slab font with the detailed corners and edges work great for any company working with industrial equipment. It also pairs well with the unique subheading. It uses a font similar to what you would find on most LCD displays. The Gauge Saver Logo Design creates a strong combination of fonts along with imagery based on the brand’s specialty.

We’ve also worked on logo designs such as the Get Volts® Logo Design, the STACK’M Storage Logo Design, and the Top of the Line Plumbing Logo Design. Below are some alternate versions we made during the design process.

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