Alura Senior Living Website Design

Alura Senior Living is an a senior care community based in Rockledge, Florida. The Alura Senior Living Website Design creates an impactful website with light, colorful tones to welcome users to the community.

Our mission with this website was to showcase the location and amenities residents will have access to. We used professional photography and footage to present the best parts of the scenery and what resident life is like. The hero section of the home page was designed to give a strong impression with drone footage underneath the headline text. Amenities and other sections feature residents enjoying the Alura lifestyle with sections of text that use motion effects. Subtle entrance animations add to the experience of modern web design and make the site feel more lively and upbeat.

The color palette also ties into the energetic theme we’ve created. The complementary colors of the teal and orange make a strong pop effect that works well for larger sections of information. The Alura Senior Living Website Design brings out the best parts of the living community and welcomes seniors and their families with open arms.

View the full website at We’ve also worked on the Forever Lighting Website Design and the Dark Light Security Logo Design.

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