Visit Gainesville Billboard Design

A billboard can grab attention during a commute and advertise to thousands of onlookers throughout the day. As families drive through Florida, there are many advertising opportunities to reach that wide spanned audience. In order to advertise the city of Gainesville to tourists, Doohickey created this Visit Gainesville billboard design. The design features full-height photography of the city’s wildlife, matched with a bold, eye-catching headline. The two green blocks within the design draw the eye to the city’s name as well as the website, encouraging the eyes towards key pieces of information. The Visit Gainesville website features the same green, as well as the logo shown in the billboard’s bottom right corner. As a result, the Visit Gainesville billboard design keeps the same brand identity as their website. That way, visitors can associate the two long after they’ve driven past the billboard. The city of Gainesville has family vacations, outdoor recreation, events, and activities available for guests to enjoy their stay.