Bestbet Website Design

Bestbet partnered with Doohickey to design and develop a new responsive website. Coming from a site that felt small and outdated, the goal of the bestbet Jacksonville website design was two-fold. We wanted to create a site that was big, bold and full of excitement while implementing informative elements. As a result, viewers would feel a sense of bestbet’s environment while gaining insight from the live results.

As the largest poker room in Florida, and one of the only places to view live racing, we had to build a site that was as impressive and compelling as the locations themselves. The site is packed with movement using energetic slides, animated numbers, and live feeds.

We also directed a custom photography shoot. Those photos are incorporated throughout the site to provide customers with vivid imagery. As a result, they can feel like they’ve stepped into bestbet themselves. We also implemented video to help emerge customers into the bestbet setting. Every element throughout the website was chosen to spark customer interest. As a result, we’re able to engage customers by allowing them to experience a taste of that fun and excitement from their computer or phone.

This project was all about tailoring the web experience to mirror the atmosphere in one of the bestbet locations.

In addition to their website, Doohickey also designed their holiday cards and a logo for bestbet’s poker show.


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