The Fiorentino Group Website Design

The Fiorentino Group website design creates a modern, professional expression of the company. Working within the color scheme and textures we developed for The Fiorentino Group (TFG), this website is a bold and sleek new look that gives visitors a true sense of the company as a whole.

TFG offers government relations and business development services to clients who wish to influence public policy. Their wide range of services covers an array of interests, including transportation, appropriations, health care, and education. TFG works alongside clients to create tailor-made strategies to win passage of regulations.

In order to display TFG’s professional integrity while demonstrating their expertise, Doohickey chose a structured layout. As a result, we were able to convey the company’s many services and simultaneously keep the pages engaging and organized.

The Fiorentino Group website design also embraces the company’s strong colors and professional ambiance. As a result, visitors associate the color scheme with TFG’s culture and expertise. The visuals were kept simple to focus more attention on the refined working environment as shown in the photography.

As part of a branding initiative, Doohickey also designed The Fiorentino Group’s brochures, greeting cards, and stationery.

Website: thefiorentinogroup.comFiorentino Responsive Mock Up

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