The Fiorentino Group Greeting Card Design

The Fiorentino Group Greeting Card Design

The Fiorentino Group partnered with Doohickey to design a series of holiday-themed greeting cards throughout the year. These are special times of the year and we work to portray the joy and celebratory nature of these events. Whether it’s an elegant illustration or an animated e-card, we create cards with life and personality. The Fiorentino Group greeting card design series embodies the company’s culture while simultaneously reaching out to their clients.

Throughout these designs, we used familiar imagery to symbolize each holiday celebration. We also chose large, bold text, directing the eyes towards the messaging while balancing content with the imagery. As a result, readers feel a sense of the celebratory wishes communicated in each greeting card.

The Fiorentino Group offers government relations and business development services to clients who wish to influence public policy. Their wide range of services covers an array of interests, including transportation, appropriations, health care, and education. TFG works alongside their clients, creating tailor-made strategies to win passage of regulations. We wanted to reflect their professionalism in The Fiorentino Group greeting card design series, while still communicating the thrill of these holidays and events.

As part of a branding initiative, Doohickey also designed The Fiorentino Group’s websitebrochures, advertisements, and stationery.


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