The Fiorentino Group brochure design

The Fiorentino Group Brochure Design

A comprehensive brochure can give readers an overall sense of a company or provide more detail into a specific service. The Fiorentino Group brochure design illustrates the company’s mission, credentials, and accomplishments as a successful lobbying firm.

Using the color scheme and textures we previously developed for The Fiorentino Group brand, we were able to design a brochure that would act as a recognizable asset to the company’s existing marketing materials. By creating a brochure that reflects the company’s website, customers develop recognition for The Fiorentino Group brand.

Our design broke the information into different pages and headers. As a result, the text remains organized while bold statements direct the reader’s attention to the next topic. We also matched the content with photography to illustrate the company’s professionalism and reputation for quality.

With a brochure, companies can showcase their capabilities while demonstrating their capacity to benefit potential customers.

The Fiorentino Group is a government relations firm that offers a variety of services to influence public policy. They work alongside clients to develop custom strategies aimed towards achieving successful outcomes. In addition to planning and implementing these strategies, The Fiorentino Group also builds coalitions, provides analysis of the political atmosphere, and identifies opportunities to obtain their customers’ goals.

As part of a branding initiative, Doohickey also designed The Fiorentino Group website, greeting cards, and stationery.

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