Four Hearts Farm logo design

Four Hearts Farm Logo Design

A creative logo represents the company and industry, intrigues customers, and acts as the starting point for an overall brand initiative. For the Four Hearts Farm logo design, we wanted to create a logo that would represent the company while attracting visitors and potential customers. The resulting logo is inviting, symbolic, and acts as an effective marketing tool for the business’ overall brand.

Four Hearts Farm logo design was inspired by the company name itself. We added imagery of a four-leaf clover at the top of the logo. As a recognizable visual, the clover attracts the eyes and sparks a sense of familiarity. The company name also influenced the color scheme, giving the overall logo an earthy yet vibrant feel.

As a family-owned company that’s been in business since 1900, it felt important to highlight the farm’s long-existing history. We added a tagline to the base of the logo that featured this piece of information, finishing off the logo so it captured the family’s experience.

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