Bin King Sanitation logo design

Bin King Sanitation Logo Design

For businesses that have a mascot as the face of their company, it’s important to feature that character to increase brand recognition. For the Bin King Sanitation logo design, Doohickey sought to bring the Bin King himself to life. As a result, the Bin King now symbolizes key qualities of the sanitation company’s mission.

The Bin King character was described to us as an excited, animated trash bin with a set of defining characteristics. These included a crown, a strong ‘eco-friendly’ arm, and a pressure washing gun. When designing the logo, we depicted this character sitting at the end of the driveway of a typical South Florida home. Surrounded by a background of bubbles, the Bin King looks eager and excited to get to work. After our initial sketches, we brought the draft to life with shades of blue and green, depicting the company as eco-friendly and clean.

Bin King Sanitation cleans garbage bins for business operators and homeowners. Their cleaning services maintain hygiene and remove orders while protecting customers from the spread of disease, bacteria, and/or vermin. Bin King Sanitation is located in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

In addition to this logo design, we also designed and developed a website for Bin King Sanitation.

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