Bin King Sanitation Website Design

Bin King Sanitation partnered with Doohickey to design and develop a website to market and sell their sanitation services. This simple website design uses the Bin King character we designed as the face of the company, as he appears in multiple areas of the website. The website is packed with information on the benefits of bin cleaning and features a section for frequently asked questions. We also developed a shopping page where clients and sign up for a variety of service packages. The resulting Bin King Sanitation website design is organized, informative, and uses the company’s color scheme to draw the eye.

In addition to the Bin King Sanitation website design, we also designed the company logo, bringing the Bin King himself to life.

Bin King Sanitation cleans garbage bins for business operators and homeowners. Their cleaning services maintain hygiene and remove orders while protecting customers from the spread of disease, bacteria, and/or vermin. Bin King Sanitation is located in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

We’ve also worked on website designs for Be Fiduciary and Technology Alliance Group.

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