Be Fiduciary Website Design

For the Be Fiduciary website design, our main objective was to create a website that was informative, professional, and easy to navigate while highlighting an upcoming training event. The resulting website design provides interested website visitors with numerous opportunities to register for the event. It also goes into depth regarding the event by including course instructor bios, program highlights, and event details. These various pages are organized in drop-down menus at the top of the page, so all pertinent information is easily accessible. As a result, the Be Fiduciary website design markets their training event, encourages visitors to register, and simplifies the user experience for web visitors.

In order to match the informative content with winning design, we opened the website with headline text that slides in from both sides. We also implemented the company’s color scheme into the design, using navy and white throughout the pages to reflect their brand identity. A concrete background was included as well, which adds texture to the page design. To make the company name pop throughout the content-heavy pages, we used that navy blue and a bold typeface to help it stand out. As a result, the Be Fiduciary website design is just as eye-catching as it is informative.

Be Fiduciary is a two-day training event that allows participants to gain credibility and stand out from other financial advisors. Their best interest step-by-step financial planning process offers resources and planning tools, so advisors can establish trust and confidence with their clients. The training course includes a FINRA recognized professional designation, a proctored exam to earn The Bucket Plan Certification, and more.

We’ve also worked on the Baby Expo USA Website and the Williams & Rowe Website.

Be Fiduciary Website Design

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