Communications Solutions, Inc. Website Design

Communications Solutions, Inc. has been operating as a licensed cabling contractor in Northeast Florida for over 30 years. As a one-stop-shop, they provide sales, design, and implementation of telephone solutions and low voltage cabling. They are dedicated to ensuring business have the communications solutions to stay connected on all levels. Doohickey updated the Communications Solutions, Inc. website design to help CSI better connect with their customers.

The goal for the Communications Solutions, Inc. website design was to develop a site for CSI’s current and potential clients that was striking in appearance, optimized for search engines, and responsive on all devices.

We took advantage of white space, balanced with the company’s color scheme, to draw visitor’s eyes towards relevant pieces of information. This crisp design keeps content organized while breaking topics into short segments. As a result, it’s easier for visitors to gather the information they’re looking for without feeling bogged down by text.

With a responsive website design, visitors can now access CSI’s web page and view their services from their mobile devices. This also opens the company to new potential customers without disturbing the website’s design and content.

In addition to the updated website, Doohickey also designed a brochure for CSI’s cabling division.

Website: We’ve also made an updated version of this website with an animated video.

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