IOSync Logo Design

For the IOSync logo design, our goal was to create a logo that captured a sense of the company’s services and industry. This sleek, minimalistic design features a green, blue, and gray color scheme to convey energy-efficient technology. The two overlapping symbols represent the IOSync smart technologies, which allow property managers and residents to sync their lives to smarter living. The resulting IOSync logo design is an up-to-date representation of an industry that’s constantly moving, while simultaneously communicating the company as a resource for modern technologies as well.

IOSync offers multifamily housing, student housing, resorts, venues, and other communities the ability to sync up to smarter living. Their smart home services and products create efficient living environments so that property managers and residents can experience integrated lifestyles. With IOSync’s smart home solutions, communities and residents can step into the future and sync their lives to added security, convenience, and more.

In addition to the IOSync logo design, Doohickey also created the company’s website, business cards, brochures, flyers, and pocket folders. By creating the IOSync logo design as the starting point for the brand, we were then able to display the logo, as well as an established color scheme, across these numerous marketing materials. The IOSync print campaign implements this cohesive brand, making it easier for existing and potential clients to recognize IOSync from a glance. By developing a strong visual brand, we’re also able to boost IOSync’s brand awareness in the market, making them more recognizable amongst their competitors.