Lice Genies Website Design

When Lice Genies summoned us to create a new website for their local lice removal services, we conjured our creativity for fresh ideas. With the company’s professional certification and their dedication to helping families as the website’s focal points, we developed the Lice Genies website design to showcase these competitive advantages. As a result, we’re able to distinguish Lice Genies from their competitors. The website’s homepage header slider features a fun, layered animation, providing movement on the page the moment it loads. This slider also shows the Lice Genies mascot, which we developed as part of the company logo to establish the Lice Genies brand. We also created a brand color scheme while working on the company’s logo, which we used throughout the Lice Genies website design to create cohesiveness throughout the marketing materials.

Located in Jacksonville, FL, Lice Genies is the area’s only certified, in-home head lice removal company. Their all-natural services help treat families experiencing the itching and scratching of head lice in the comfort of their own homes. Lice Genies are certified in the Shepherd Method™ of strand-by-strand nit removal, allowing them to offer families a safe, all-natural solution in addition to ongoing peace of mind.

In addition to creating the Lice Genies website design, we also developed the company’s logo. As an integral component of the website’s overall design, the Lice Genies logo provided us with a focal point when developing the website design. The Lice Genies character is visible as soon as the website loads, creating a cohesive association between the brand identity across different marketing materials.

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