Lice Genies Logo Design

Lice Genies Logo Design

When our client requested a brand new logo to market her company’s lice removal services, we considered her wish our command! From color schemes and fonts to recognizable imagery, a company logo is a strong starting point for companies to develop an overall brand. For the Lice Genies logo design, we aimed to create a logo that would help distinguish the company from the competitors in their industry while ensuring that customers would be able to identify the company on sight. The design features a company mascot we developed to represent the Lice Genies brand. By incorporating the genie within the logo’s lettering, we’re also able to naturally place the genie at the center of the logo’s design. Finally, we settled on this coral orange and dark slate gray color scheme to help the logo stand out. This same color scheme is featured on the Lice Genies website, which ties the company’s different brand materials together for a cohesive brand identity. As a result, families know to “summon a genie” by calling on Lice Genies for their lice removal needs.

Located in Jacksonville, FL, Lice Genies is the area’s only certified, in-home head lice removal company. Their all-natural services help treat families experiencing the itching and scratching of head lice in the comfort of their own homes. Lice Genies are certified in the Shepherd Method™ of strand-by-strand nit removal, allowing them to offer families a safe, all-natural solution in addition to ongoing peace of mind.

In addition to creating the Lice Genies logo design, we also developed the company’s website, which features the Lice Genies logo design as an integral component of the website’s overall design. The Lice Genies character is also visible on the homepage, creating a cohesive association between the brand identity across different marketing materials. We’ve also made logo designs such as the IOSync Logo Design and the Four Hearts Farm Logo Design.


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