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Prospect to a Lead to a Sale

I identified you as a prospect. Now, I’m going to convert you from a prospect to a lead to a sale.

The statement above may sound overly confident. And right now you may be thinking, “Oh really? Yeah, we’ll see about that.” That’s fine, but keep reading and I’ll lead you down the path of how I found you, sparked your interest and will ultimately gain your business. As a result, you’ll learn how to convert customers from a prospect to a lead to a sale for yourself! Along the way, you will also learn how we can help you follow the same path to grow your business.

Step 1: Build a brand.

We created our brand to make people ask about it and chuckle a little. You know you did.

We also wanted people to think that we must be creative with a name like Doohickey. Hopefully, you did, at least subconsciously.

Your brand may be something you did yourself using Publisher (I’m nervous to see how that looks) or something you hired professionals like us to create. It likely includes a logo, website, language about your company or organization, brochures etc. Currently, our brand is mostly digital because that’s generally how we communicate with people.

Step 2: Identify your target market.

When I started this business I thought our target market was all businesses large and small. That’s not really true because for example:

  • Not everyone can afford us.
  • Not everyone understands the service we offer and never will.
  • Not everyone is interested in outsourcing their marketing.
  • There’s more than that which I’m not willing to give up, but these include things like:
    • Age Group
    • Specific Interests
    • Spending Habits

We answered the above through A/B testing of ads and messages to a broad group segmented out into multiple categories and then slowly deleted and fine-tuned the groups, messages, visuals, and conversions to optimize our perfect audience and to make sure our costs are as low as possible.

You likely already have an idea of what your target demographic is, but until you start working with us you won’t realize how specific that group really is.

Step 3: Offer something people want.

You entered our sweepstakes/giveaway or signed up to get something from us. It’s possible you found this organically or just by browsing our website, but chances are you signed up for something we’re giving away or you will sign up because you found value in the content offered on this page.

Offering an incentive such as a free e-book, product sample, or entering to win a sweepstakes is a fantastic way to turn prospects into leads. It should be something that all of your customers crave.

For us, as an example, we created a sweepstakes giveaway of a branding package that included a logo, business cards, brochure, and website. Since you signed up and are reading this, then we know you’re interested in what we have to offer.

If it’s not obvious it’s worth mentioning that the giveaway should not be something too broad like an iPad because while that may work for some businesses it’s likely too broad because everyone wants it. It needs to be something that only your customers would be interested in (we can help with this too). Of course, there will be some folks that make it through the filter and that’s OK as long as it appeals mostly to people that are a good fit, like you are for us.

Step 4: Communicate further through email and social media.

Now that we have you on our email list or follow us on social media, we’re going to consistently reach out to you. I say “consistently” and not “constantly” because our goal is not to overwhelm you. Our goal is to engage you. There may be special bits of information that we send to you that help with your everyday marketing, or a special offer or promotion to get you to try us out, but ultimately we’ll earn your trust and then your business. Eventually, you’ll be another one of our happy clients and you’ll be glad you know us.

So, if reading the above isn’t enough to get you to sign on then consider signing up for our email list or liking us, and keep us on your mind so that when you’re ready to grow you know who to call. We’re here to help you convert a prospect to a lead to a sale, so you can ultimately grow your business.

Alternate cheesy, catchy ending: When you’re ready to grow you know where to go!
(Intentionally added to let you know I’m a fun guy and not just another article.)

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