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Marketing Neighbor at the Beaches

Did You Know You Have a Marketing Neighbor at the Beaches?

As we ride our bikes around town (when the weather isn’t freezing) we see signs here and there on little back road offices that look like old beach houses. We see signs along 3rd Street, but may only take notice of our local favorite restaurants. Well, did you know that you have some Marketing pros in Neptune Beach? That’s right; Doohickey is your marketing neighbor at the beaches.

My name is Dan and I live in Atlantic Beach. My wife Gail and I have this small Creative Marketing group currently running out of the back of the Planet Realty office on Atlantic Blvd. near the Auto Zone in Neptune Beach.

We have 2 kids 5 and 1, our 5 year old goes to Atlantic Beach Elementary. We worked from home building websites and doing graphic design and branding for companies large and small for the last 8 years. We’ve worked with some local businesses like Sliders, Ten Salon, PGA Tour Experiences and Taco Lu…to name a few places you may be familiar with.

We have clients spread across the country, but we love our beach town and want to build better relationships with businesses based here. If we were to meet at our kid’s soccer game we might chat about what we do. Consider this my introduction. I paid for this Facebook ad you clicked because I want to get to know you.

We know it can be tough not knowing where to go for your Marketing needs (and crossing the ditch). Some of the Ad Agencies and Marketing Groups around town can feel out of reach or closed off if you’re not networking all the time.

If you ever need an experienced, creative, fast marketing team to work with your company we’re here to help.

And, if you’re interested in doing some targeted Facebook ads like this we can help with that too.

We’ve also worked on projects such as the HHHunt Homes Quarterpath Coffee and Donuts Flyer Design and Lancelot’s Castles Brochure Design.

Let's get started!