Psychic Mrs. Ann Website Design

Discover clarity and direction in your life from Jacksonville psychic Mrs. Ann. After visiting Mrs. Ann’s psychic shop for ourselves, Doohickey wanted to capture that atmosphere and positive energies in the Psychic Mrs. Ann website design.

To begin, we worked off the alluring, soothing color scheme of teal and lavender we discovered at Mrs. Ann’s shop. We then balanced the calming effect of her color scheme with relevant photography that showcased Mrs. Ann’s various service offerings. By adding a script font and fun icons, we’re able to draw the eyes towards specific pieces of information on each web page. As a result, each page is informative, attractive, and reflects the same feelings of enlightenment Mrs. Ann strives to offer her clients.

Instead of making each page text heavy by listing Mrs. Ann’s psychic services all at once, we used sliders to showcase each service individually. This allowed each of Mrs. Ann’s three main services to have their own spotlight on the page. As a result, potential clients remain focused on the information in front of them instead of feeling bogged down by mass amounts of text. Throughout these pages, we continued to balance Mrs. Ann’s color scheme with white space. This created a clean, cohesive look throughout the Psychic Mrs. Ann website design.

Mrs. Ann has offered her psychic services in Jacksonville for over 20 years. She provides clients with emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual enlightenment through palm reading, tarot card reading, and crystal reading. She’s also available for private gatherings in the Jacksonville area to conduct group readings. Her psychic spiritual healing and guidance help her clients gain closure and clarity in their lives by putting the situations they face into perspective.

We’ve also worked on the Ann Imes and Associates Realtors Website Design and the Columbus Ohio Psychic Website Design.

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