Columbus Ohio Psychic Website Design

Psychic Readings can be a beneficial practice for followers of a spiritual lifestyle. It’s important when designing for a psychic client that their design communicates wisdom, peace, and tranquility. The Columbus Ohio Psychic Website Design creates an inviting, calming aura through rejuvenating colors and imagery.

The website was designed mainly with lighter shades of purple and pink in mind. This was chosen as a way to reflect some of the tools used in psychic readings such as crystals and lavender. The choice of colors and font pairings helps to create a visual representation of the aura given off at a psychic business. Splatters of light watercolors are also used in backgrounds to add variety and give the site a more dream-like feel.

Custom illustrations were added to represent the main services provided by Ann including tarot readings and chakra cleansing. The illustrations as well as the script font let the site feel more hand-crafted, giving the overall design a more genuine vibe. Photography of hands, cards, and crystals are used alongside these illustrated assets to give visitors visual signifiers that are easy to identify and make the services more recognizable.

View the full Columbus Ohio Psychic Website Design at We have also worked on the Psychic Mrs. Ann Website Design and Psychic Readings by Mia Website Design.

Columbus Ohio Psychic Website Design

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